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Hermes Makes A Sustainable Move Into Beauty

Hermes makes a sustainable move into beauty

Hermes makes a sustainable move into beauty

After 183 years this iconic brand is finally about to launch into beauty with a carefully crafted line of lipstick. 

While everyone is salivating over all of the details including the gorgeous, yet simple color-block design of the case, we’re rejoicing the sustainable approach that the brand is taking to a beauty staple; the case is refillable, and the ingredients that have been disclosed thus far; namely beeswax and white mulberry extract are natural and not disgusting (toxic).

This incredibly novel approach to lipstick, where the packaging was the focal point of the design process, proves that you can innovate and rethink an everyday experience. Having a beautiful case that you don’t think of as disposable gives the material a much longer life in use rather than in the trash. It’s also genius for snagging loyalty and repeat purchases.

With the impact of waste, especially plastic waste, on our oceans, climate and planet, more brands can take a page out of Hermes’ book and rethink their approach to products. 

As per the Wall Street Journal Magazine, Pierre Hardy explained that “the idea is a form that’s both simple and playful enough to allow it to be done and redone at infinitum. It’s rare for an artistic director to think about packaging over a long period of time and not just a one-off.”

While we anxiously await the launch of the lipstick in March 2020, we are thrilled that Hermes is joining the world of beauty and setting a great example.



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