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The Upside of Social Distancing

The Upside  of Social  Distancing

The Upside of Social Distancing

In such uncertain times as we are living in; the era of Covid19 - it’s natural to panic. Our lives and daily routines are shaken and everything that we have come to know as normal - like toilet paper - is being jeopardized. 


But the scariest notion here is that we are condemned to social isolation - which is fundamentally unnatural for such a social species as us - and for an indefinite period of time. 


The good news is that we know social distancing to be effective in flattening the curve of the virus, and ultimately coming out on the other side relatively unscathed. The light at the end of the tunnel is not unreasonably distant.


The questions then becomes; what did I do with my time and space inside of the tunnel.


Here are some claims that most people will be able to make:

1. I got to spend some time reflecting (on myself, my daily routine, my relationships etc.)

2. I got more quality time with my family that I could have ever hoped for.

3. Out of the boredom I tapped into my creativity and learned that I’m a great (cook, painter, writer, crafter, baker, puppeteer etc.)

4. I realized what is truly important to me and what I value most (in the face of a major threat)

5. I got to organize my life/garage/cupboards/closets


Once all the craziness is over and we get to step back into our ‘normal’ lives and routines, wouldn’t it be great to do it with some mindfulness and perhaps some new skills as well?


Here are some suggestions to bring with you to the light at the end of the tunnel:

1. Detox your home and your routines (both visually and chemically). Some toxins; like bleach are necessary to have on hand for vigorous disinfecting at times like this. But have a look at the ingredients of products that you put on your face, hair and body every day and ask yourself if it’s necessary.

2. Review your food intake. Most of us are stocking up on comfort foods at high-stress times, especially canned and packaged. This might be the perfect opportunity to explore better alternatives like baking your own bread, or canning your own vegetables, opting for dry grains and legumes rather than canned and preserved ones. Ask yourself what feels good in your body when you eat it and after.

3. Connect more deeply with those that surround you. With school closures and office closures most people aren’t rushing around right now and are spending a lot of time in their homes; so take this opportunity and look your family members in the eyes, listen to them with your full attention, ask them what they need from you, tell them what you need from them. Call the people that you can’t see and just talk to them.

4. Review your waste output. How many disposable or single-use things do you go through in a day? Are there alternatives that are less wasteful? Can you use a reusable cloth or is the paper-towel necessary? What can you change to approach a zero-waste lifestyle? Every decision you make and every item you buy has an impact on the rest of the world. Don’t underestimate your own power.

5. Practice self-care like it’s your job, because it is your job. When you take care of you, you can bring your best to those that need you and rely on you. You know what you need to feel your best. So give yourself permission to do it. Take a bath, read a book, listen to your favorite music, meditate, punch a bag of flour, do some squats, dance, sing your heart out, color your book, bake your favorite cookies, give yourself a facial, do your nails, sugar your legs and whatever else will make you feel dolicious.

BONUS: learn something new; learn to sugar yourself, learn a new language, learn about Einstein’s theory of relativity, or whatever else makes you feel more empowered.


We may not get this chance again to just be with ourselves and our loved one with not much to do. How will you spend your time in the tunnel?


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  • cindy: June 19, 2020

    You’re right!! It’s amazing to have time for self care and paying attention to the Now! Such a great feeling to wave to the neighbors and to see that they are ok. Checking in with those that can’t get out and doing a food run for them. Want to know how to thrive? Just pay attention to what is needed in the Now and how you can fulfill it. I would say that it is the recipe for THRIVING in the face of challenges. Keep up the good work!

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