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Glow Goop - Sugar Hair Remover & Exfoliant



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  • Product Description

      Sugar Hair Remover & Exfoliant

      We care about our environment, our GLOW GOOP is packaged in a Glass jar. (NOT plastic)

      Your body, your rules. You decide where you want to keep fuzz and where to remove it. This golden goop will give you the power to choose.


      It’s so simple and clean that you can eat it. Made of just a few natural food-grade ingredients. The Glow Goop is not just for hair and fuzz- it’s a great exfoliant and blackhead remover! The magic of this formula is that it adheres only to dead cells, which makes up hair, fuzz and dead skin. That means that while you expose your freshest glowing skin, live skin cells aren’t being pulled. Less pull = less pain.