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Sugar Sugar 101

Your destination for all things Sugar Sugar Wax

The Brand

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At Sugar Sugar, our mission is to empower you to take control of your hair! Our passion is to create beautiful skin for all throughout the world by clean and sustainable means. Our revolutionary hair removal methodology is disrupting beauty as we know it!

The Founder

Her Story

If there has ever been a marketer that dives head first into uncharted territory on a regular basis it’s Salome Sallehy.

Her professional career in marketing began long before she graduated and received her business degree. Coming from a long line of apparel producers, the fashion industry was her first foray into the business of brand building. From there her path in business followed her interests; from real estate to tech and ultimately into beauty. 

During her 10 year stint in tech and digital marketing Salome pioneered some of the first mobile app promotion practices that we know today. Working closely with Apple and Google app store teams to set the standards for usability, and pave the way for app developers to stand out in the markets among millions of others.

Not only has Salome worked in marketing and strategy roles in various industries, but she also made time to share and teach her expertise in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at La Salle College in Vancouver, Canada as the youngest instructor on campus.

Her passion for getting exceptional products that fill gaps and make life better for people into the hands of consumers knows no bounds. Even in the most demanding roles of her career she always made time either as a consultant working on a passion project with a startup, or by setting up not-for-profit organizations to grow a new category and educate the industry.

As the founder and president of Sugar Sugar Wax Salome now oversees manufacturing, product development, sales channels, and community development. As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough she also is leading the charge on educating the public on clean beauty and ingredient toxicity in cosmetics and personal care products through Natural Beauty Summit.

Use below link to download Sugar Sugar Wax pack shots and imagery.

Any inquiries or questions please send us a note to hello@sugarsugarwax.com