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You can count on us to share the world’s best kept beauty secrets here with you.

Sugaring is as much an art as it is a science and we want to help you master this art with in-depth techniques, tips and trips to expose your best glow.

Real talk: Beauty isn’t a one-product pony trick, but rather a culmination of lifestyle, nutrition and self-care practices, and our Natural Beauty posts will uncover coveted practices and simple truths for you. Clean beauty is our passion and that extends to our comrades who are committed to a Better World of Beauty, and we want to keep you in the know. 

We’re all in this together! So keep calm and read on...

Is Shaving All That Bad?

Is Shaving All That Bad?

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3 most common sugaring mistakes

The 3 Most Common Sugaring Rookie Mistakes

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  • Reuse Your Glass Bottles

    Reuse Your Glass Bottles

    Did you know that more 90% of beauty and personal care product packaging isn’t even recyclable? Yes we’re appalled at this statistic too. But Sugar Sugar isn’t the only conscious beauty brand that uses glass, many brands are finally moving away from mixed plastics and using more environmentally friendly materials for their packaging.

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  • Sugaring The Upper Lip

    Sugaring The Upper Lip

    While masks have been helpful in hiding our facial hair situation these past months, there’s still a lot of time spent without a mask. Whether we’re chatting away on Zoom or hanging out with our quarantine pods, we’ve all had a moment when we asked ourselves if we should mind the ‘stache.

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  • Why Body Serums Are All The Rage

    Why Body Serums Are All The Rage

    We all know the benefits and the effects of facial serums; they make the skin on your face glow and add suppleness. We use them when our face feels dry, irritated, sunburned, or even to get rid of spots.

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  • Why you should dry brush your skin


    The practice of dry skin brushing has not only become popular lately, but it also might be the holy grail of your glow.  Professional therapists and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow & Jennifer Anniston swear by the benefits; aside from exfoliating dead skin cells, it also helps to reduce cellulite and amps up your skin’s reflective quality; hence the GLOW.

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  • The Hype Behind  Hyaluronic  Acid

    The Hype Behind Hyaluronic Acid

    If you’ve been searching for the key to hydrated skin, hyaluronic acid is your answer. Maybe you’ve seen a celeb showing off a bottle of it in a commercial or maybe you’ve seen an influencer claim they're obsessed with it. Believe the hype and get yourself a bottle. 

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  • What is Sugaring?

    What is Sugaring?

    Sugaring is the practice of removing hair from the root using a sugar-based wax at room temperature. The method doesn’t require any tools, spatulas, strips or special equipment.  Natural sugar wax is free of artificial waxes, resins and only adheres to hair, fuzz and dead skin so that when applied it is not pulling on live skin and causing pain...

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  • ‘Maskne’ - How to Keep Your Skin Healthy, While Staying Healthy

    ‘Maskne’ - How to Keep Your Skin Healthy, While Staying Healthy

    Maskne: Acne and skin irritation caused by long hours of mask wearing. Who would’ve thought 2020 would bring us a new skincare problem to worry about?

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  • Why Skin care isn't just for your face

    Why Skin Care Isn’t Just For Your Face

    Skin care means protecting your full body skin from everyday exposure too.  When it comes to skin care, most of us can admit our main focus is the face. And who can blame us? It’s the first thing we see when we look at the mirror and the first thing we notice about other people. But it’s important to remember...

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  • Summer Sugaring Rulebook

    Summer Sugaring Rulebook

    As a natural substance sugaring wax gets affected by the temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity.  What does this mean for you? You don’t need to warm it up for the whole 10 seconds. Perhaps just 5 seconds will do.

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  • Why You Have Coarse Hair In Your Armpits & Bikini Area

    Why You Have Coarse Hair In Your Armpits & Bikini Area

    While some of us spend so much time and energy in getting rid of the extra coarse hair that grows in our armpits and bikini area, we seldom stop to ask why it’s there in the first place.

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  • PULL UP - Call For Black Representation in the Beauty Industry

    A Beauty Entrepreneur’s Call For Black Representation in the Beauty Industry

    On June 3, Sharon Chuter, founder and CEO of UOMA Beauty, posted a video on Instagram asking big name beauty brands to either “pull up or shut up” in response to their apparent PR stunts supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

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  • Cali Fight for clean beauty standards

    California’s Fight for Clean Beauty Standards through the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act

    What is clean beauty? It is a non-toxic relationship between you and your beauty regimen—makeup, skincare, hair and body products free of harmful ingredients such as parabens, harsh chemicals and preservatives.

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  • Microbead Banning: First US, Then Canada & Now China

    Microbead Banning: First US, Then Canada & Now China

    Five years ago nine US states recognized the devastating effects of microplastics on marine life, and though they only whispered it; on human health, and took action to ban it. 

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