Our Story

"It all started in Australia where I met my Sugar Guru. She showed me that I don’t have to suffer through painful waxing. 

She showed me that there was a safe, natural, and gentle way to get rid of unwanted hair - sugaring!"After a lifetime of waxing and shaving - not without incident - I had finally found an alternative that not only gives me a miraculous glow, but is both gentle on my sensitive skin and the planet. It was a unicorn moment; finding a product that is everything; all benefit, no risk...no waste…no nasty chemicals.

"The results blew me away"

I’d been traveling around the world with my family for 3 months and it was time to de-fuzz. As serendipity would have... it I met her; the woman that would change the course of my life and set my sensitive skin free from the pain, torture and injury of waxing and threading. The results blew me away, and the byproduct was even more amazing; “the sugar wax is so natural you could eat it???”

My middle eastern roots ensured that battling the fuzz is a lifetime endeavour, so I had tried every possible hair removal method known to (wo)man, or so I’d thought. “How had I missed this?” Over the course of the following days my sugar guru shared her secrets with me and brought me into my glow

Three months later I was still traveling with my family and our love for our planet had grown immensely when I met my sugar tribe in the South of France. These women - 7th generation sugar makers from North Africa - took me into their fold and showed me their art of sugar-making in the cavernous hammams beneath the bustle of the city.

Everything came into focus. I was empowered by these women and this art, and I had to do something and pay it forward. Fueled by the heartbreak of watching my 3-year old dodge plastic waste as he played on the beach, and armed with a secret 3000 years old, I set out to make a difference. I continued to experiment with the art of sugar-making until I struck gold in a lab in California.Our formula has modernized the ancient art of sugar to deliver a safe, easy and effective hair removal system that you can use anywhere...literally anywhere in the world. 

I’ve created a system that’s clean, green and effective, and I want to share it with everyone.I want to empower others to take control of their fuzz with a product that comes from nature and returns to nature without harming our only planet. Everyone wins!

Bundle & Save

Whole Kit and Kaboodle with box

The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

Clean Slate / Glow Goop / 

Detox Dust / Silk slip

Clean Slate and Silk Slip with boxes

Minimalist Skin Duo

Clean Slate / Silk slip

Sugar Sugar Wax Glow Goop and Detox Dust products. Bare Body Essentials kit from Sugar Sugar Wax.

Bare-Body Essentials

Detox Dust  / Glow Goop


Our Most Loved

Clean Slate bottle with Clean Slate box. Clean Slate micellar cleansing water.

Clean Slate

Micellar Cleansing Water

Detox Dust moisture absorbing body powder

Detox Dust

Moisture Absorbing Powder  

Glow Goop sugaring wax hair remover and exfoliant with box

Glow Goop

Sugar Hair Remover & Exfoliant  

Silk Slip hyaluronic acid serum and box

Silk Slip

Triple Hyaluronic Acid Serum