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Hair Removal

No strips. No Spatulas. No Waste.

Sugaring at-home has ever been safer.

Glow Guarantee

Your skin is as unique to you as your fingerprints. To honor your individuality and help you express yourself, we have created a system that’s guaranteed to give your skin a fresh and luminous glow.    

Your skin, your choice! 

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Hand holding some Sugar Wax

What is it?

The practice of using a waxy sugar-based wax to remove unwanted fuzz and hair from the bulb, while gently exfoliating the skin. 

Sugaring is natural, safe and super-easy! Since you don’t need any special equipment, you can do it anywhere.

1 lump of Sugar wax wax strips


15 Reasons why you'll love sugaring?

What is it for?

A peach that symbolizes hair fuzz

Da Fuzz

Peach fuzz, baby hair, vellus hair, floss, fleece, fur, patch, whiskers, nap... whatever you wanna call it! We’re talking about the fine and short filaments that haven’t quite graduated to ‘hair’ status and cover the face and body. 

They tend to be fine and short and shallowly rooted in the skin, making them a breeze to remove with sweet sugar.

A peach that symbolizes hair fuzz

Body Hair

We all have it! Every single one of us is born with it. Some less, some more. Some have hair that’s more visible, thicker, and darker, while others’ are finer, lighter and less visible. Although the dolphin-like complexions on the gram would lead you to believe that most bodies have never seen the light of hair, but human genetics will assure you that all those Instagram dolphins have gone to great lengths to exude their smoothness. 

 Sugaring just happens to be the best method, both for your skin and the planet! Go ahead and channel your inner dolphin.

A peach that symbolizes hair fuzz

Dat Skin

Skin is not the same on all your parts. Whether it’s the weather, your water intake, your clothes or something else that has your skin feeling less love in areas; dry, flaky, dull, patchy, strawberry, and rough skin graces us all sooner or later.This is where the exfoliating power of sugar will amaze you. 

The sugar adheres strictly to dead cells, which usually amount to the conditions noted, and in the removal process give you an exfoliation unlike anything you’ve experienced.

Bundle & Save

Sugar Sugar Wax Whole kit and Kaboodle products

The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

Clean Slate / Glow Goop (6 months supply) 

Detox Dust / Silk slip

Bare-Body Essentials

Bare-Body Essentials

Detox Dust  / Glow Goop 

(6 months supply)

Minimalist Skin Duo

Minimalist Skin Duo

Clean Slate / Silk slip


Our Most Loved

Sugar Sugar Wax_Glow Goop

Glow Goop

(6 months supply)  

Sugar Hair Remover & Exfoliant 

Sugar Sugar Wax_Detox Dust

Detox Dust

Moisture Absorbing Powder  

Sugar Sugar Wax Clean Slate. Micellar Cleansing Water

Clean Slate

Micellar Cleansing Water

Sugar Sugar Wax_Silk Slip product

Silk Slip

Triple Hyaluronic Acid Serum  



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