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Body Hair Love & PCOS

Body Hair Love & PCOS

We hear the words ‘body positivity’ a lot these days but what does it mean?


For us, it’s all about loving and embracing every part of you. It’s also the power to change, and evolve into whatever vision you have of yourself. After all, we are dynamic and adaptive beings.

Body hair is a personal choice. Keep it in some parts, remove it in others, what matters most is how you feel about it. And even that is allowed to change as often as you choose.


For people with PCOS, the choice isn’t always an easy one, and with PCOS awareness month around the corner, it's important to spread the message of empowerment and body hair positivity especially for those who struggle with unwanted hair growth.


If you know someone or struggle with hormone conditions like PCOS or Hirsutism yourself then you probably know that excess hair growth is often, not always, a symptom. Women who want to remove this hair have turned to shaving because the hair is coarse and growing rapidly, and waxing can be too painful.


What is PCOS?


Also known as polycystic ovarian syndrome, it’s an endocrine disorder that causes imbalances in hormones, and ultimately affects the reproductive system and metabolism. As a very common disorder that often leads to infertility and weight gain it can also make women more prone to developing diseases like diabetes.


PCOS tends to be experienced differently by different people. While some may have more extreme symptoms like Hirsutism, infertility and acne, others can go through most of their life with very mild symptoms and not even know that they’re suffering from PCOS.


What is Hirsutism?


Hirsutism is a condition of excessive, and accelerated hair growth in areas like the face, neck, chest, tummy and more. The hair tends to be thick and coarse. Though it’s not always caused by PCOS, they are typically connected.

For those affected by conditions like PCOS and Hirsutism, where the hair is unwanted, sugaring is a great option because sugaring is the most gentle and effective method of hair removal.


Since sugaring removes the hair gently from the follicle, regrowth is much slower. What’s more is that our Glow Goop sugar wax doesn’t tug on living skin cells like any other wax would, and therefore is much more gentle on sensitive skin and conditions like acne.


Whether your hair growth is caused by a hormone imbalance or just a matter of genetics, choosing to remove your hair is your choice, and we celebrate you and the choices you make!


Legs, pits, chin, bikini, or any combo of hair and no hair is all fair!

Learn more about PCOS Awareness month here.

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