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Glow Wand - Ultimate Dry Brush




Aside from the numerous health benefits of dry brushing with our Glow Wand; like increasing the circulation in the skin and facilitating the body’s detoxification process, dry brushing weekly will exfoliate your skin and extend your glow, get rid of cellulite and smooth out your skin’s texture and energize your skin to a new level of health.



Our Glow Wand dry brush is made with all-natural bristles for maximum skin stimulation without aggravating the skin. The handle is made of sustainably sourced renewable wood for an ergonomic grip.

For the best results; apply the dry brush to skin in circular motion working towards the center of the body massaging and stimulating the skin, while brushing away dead skin cells.

Though dry brushing can be applied from the neck down to your toes, the critical detox zones should be brushed at least once a week for 5-10 minutes. Those areas include knees to groin area, arms to underarm area, belly and back.

Dry brushing should be practiced before showering to allow the dead skin to be washed away after brushing.

Give your skin some love and unveil your magic permanently.