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What is Sugaring?

What is Sugaring?


Sugaring is the practice of removing hair from the root using a sugar-based wax at room temperature. The method doesn’t require any tools, spatulas, strips or special equipment. The sugaring wax is scooped and applied to the skin by hand against the direction of hair growth ⬅️. The sugaring wax should be strong enough to hold together so that when it’s removed quickly from the skin in the direction of hair growth ➡️ it takes the hair follicles with it.

Natural sugar wax is free of artificial waxes, resins and only adheres to hair, fuzz and dead skin so that when applied it is not pulling on live skin and causing pain and damage to the skin like post-industrial hair removal waxes.

A great byproduct of sugaring is the exfoliation of the skin that is both gentle and even, often resulting in glowing skin. Since the sugaring wax only attaches to dead skin cells all the dullness of the surface of the skin is removed gently & without abrasion.

The sugaring method is so gentle on the skin that there is usually less than 10% hair breakage in the process which results in longer regrowth cycles as long as 6-8 weeks. 


Sugaring is one of the oldest methods of hair removal in human history. Dating back to Ancient Persia where royals would meld cane sugar with the juice of fresh lemons in copper pots over fire. This practice was common in the equatorial regions of the empire where cane sugar was readily available and smooth, hair-free skin was fashionable.

As battles were fought and traditions were lost in conquests many regions lost this art, sometimes as a result of also losing access to raw materials, as both cane sugar and fresh lemons could seldom be found in the same areas.


While the process of making sugaring wax has evolved significantly since it was first invented, the technique of application hasn’t changed. Today there are still some cultures in Northern Africa that still use sugaring as their primary method of hair removal. The tradition and technique is usually taught from mother to daughter or from an aunt, and is often a monthly ceremony shortly after the full moon. 

It is believed that in the days immediately following the menstrual cycle when estrogen and progesterone levels are at their lowest, women tend to have a higher threshold for discomfort/pain. It also happens to be a period where grooming and beautifying are top of mind (in the limbic brain) in preparation for ovulation.

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