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15 Reasons Why You'll Love Sugaring

15 Reasons Why You'll Love Sugaring

Think about all those times you have cut yourself while shaving, the irritating ingrown hairs or just the pain you endure in a waxing session. 

If those are not already enough reasons to give sugaring a try, then one of these 15 definitely will convince you otherwise. 

If you are looking (or not looking) for ANY reason to ditch your razor or to make the swap to a more sustainable method of hair removal then keep reading...

15 Reasons Why You'll Love Sugaring:

1. It's natural & organic 

Our Glow Goop sugar wax formula is 100% natural and organic, the ingredients come from raw, renewable materials that use minimal processing. 

But not all sugar waxes are equal, be sure to always check the ingredients. If you are seeing something you don't recognize, it is probably best to avoid it. 


2. Biodegradable 

Because the Glow Goop is made from raw, renewable materials, it is completely biodegradable. The ingredients only consist of sugar, lemon and water. Toss it right in the compost when you're finished. 

3. Pain-Free

If you have waxed before, you know the pain can be unbearable. Sugar wax is different. It only adheres to dead cells a.k.a dead skin and hair. It does not stick to or pull on live skin, less pull = less pain.

If you have never removed hair from the follicle before, you may feel a little discomfort the first few times.

4. Wait-Free

You don't need to wait for your hair to grow out long before sugaring again. Sugar wax can remove hair as short as 1/8th of an inch (or about the length of half a grain of rice). It’ll even get the fuzz and any dead skin.

5. Long Regrowth Period

When you use conventional wax to remove hair, you get about 15-30% of breakage in the hair. This is because you remove the wax against the direction of hair growth which can snap the hair instead of removing it from the follicle.

When you sugar, you remove the wax in the direction of hair growth so it slides right out of the follicle resulting in less than 10% breakage and regrowth period of up to 6 weeks!

6. Exfoliant

Sugar wax not only removes hair but also dead skin. The wax ONLY adheres to dead skin and hair. It will leave your skin refreshed, nourished and exfoliated. This is how you get your mega-watt glow.

7. Zero-Waste

No strips + No Spatulas + reusable glass container = zero waste. And don't forget, the product itself is even zero waste because you discard it into the compost.

8. Hypoallergenic 

The Glow Goop formula is so natural and non-toxic that you can eat it! You are not going to have a reaction to the formula, some people with sensitive skin may have a histamine reaction to hair being removed but that reaction will not persist beyond 4-6 hours. 

9. Permanence

As hair is routinely removed from the follicle, the bulb shrinks resulting in less hair and slower regrowth and even the follicle disappearing altogether. Basically the more you sugar, the more likely your hair won't grow back.

10. Hygienic

Sugar is completely antibacterial. Did you know that sugar was widely used to treat wounds during WW2? You don't need to worry about bacteria or germs accumulating in your jar or on your skin. But remember to always keep the lid on your jar and don't let any moisture in.

11. Safe

The Glow Goop sugar wax doesn't adhere to live skin cells so it doesn’t damage the skin. Make sure to always flick the wax back when removing, never pull up.

12. Easy Clean-Up

The formula is water soluble so you can easily wash it off with water or wipe it off with a damp cloth. 

Keep a damp towel cloth nearby to clean up any sticky residue from your fingers.

13. Cruelty-Free

Not only is our Glow Goop vegan but we also go to great lengths to ensure that all of our suppliers operate as fair and cruelty free advocates.

14. Brighten Tattoos

By removing dead skin cells, nourishing and stimulating the skin, your tattoos get a refresh. 

If you are getting a tattoo - sugar the area instead of shaving to remove the hair. This will give your tattoo artist the perfect canvas to work with and avoid the itchy discomfort of regrowth during the healing phase.

15. Earth Friendly Packaging

Our commitment to using renewable, reusable and recyclable materials is as deep as our commitment to you getting your best glow. All of our products either come in glass or recyclable paper packaging.

BONUS: Another reason you’ll love sugaring with Sugar Sugar Wax is that you become a part of our Sugar Tribe. 

You may have already heard that our formula is the easiest sugar wax to work with, but did you also know that we have live support staff that will help you troubleshoot if you run into any problems? 

We want you to succeed and when you try something new it can take a minute to get the hang of it, but we got you!

Did we miss anything? Send us an email to hello@sugarsugarwax.com and let us know some of the reasons why YOU love sugaring. 




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