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Bye-bye Plastic Glitter

Bye-bye Plastic Glitter

We can learn more than etiquette from our British neighbors across the pond.

Centurian British retailer Selfridges has announced that they will remove and ban all plastic based glitter products from their stores and online offerings by 2021.

While this is a bold move at a time when make-up art seems to revolve around glitter, the announcement is no surprise given that the retailer launched Project Ocean nearly 10 years ago, to raise awareness about the impact of microplastics and single-use plastics on the world’s oceans and marine life.

"As we continue to see the devastating and irreversible impact of single-use plastics on marine life, we are committed to reducing Selfridges’ plastic footprint. By removing all microplastic glitter products from our beauty offer, we hope to inspire our customers, suppliers, and fellow retailers to act responsibly, seek alternatives, and make positive change." - Daniella Vega, Director of Sustainability at Selfridges.

Thankfully there are loads of companies producing eco-friendly and biodegradable glitter for the glitterati. 

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