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Minimalist  Shortcut to  Glowing Skin

Skinimalist Ritual For Glow Skin

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of beauty routine recommendations. It seems that every day some expert comes up with a new product or practice that you absolutely need, and sometimes the new idea dismisses the ideas from  last week’s expert.

"In a world of 10-step skincare, not only does it become increasingly confusing but also rather impossible."

In a world of 10-step skincare, not only does it become increasingly confusing but also rather impossible. If I had a 10 step routine for my face before bed, my children would probably burn the house down by the time I got to step 6.

To approach a more minimalist, less impossible, routine that actually works I enlisted the help of my dermatologist and facialist to learn how I can amp up my glow on a daily basis, and here’s the one thing they both agreed on:

The best way to increase cellular turnover and maintain that slightly flush glow is to manually stimulate circulation with a 2-3 minute facial massage every day. Although rollers are super-cute, your finger tips are far more effective due to the heat transfer. 

Practically speaking the easiest way to do this at night after you cleanse your skin and apply a little extra serum that will allow your fingers to glide easily over the surface of the skin.

The technique should focus on “up & away” from the nose and chin, making little circles across the face towards the ears and hairline. You can apply the same technique to the neck.

If you’re Cardi B reading this and your fingertips are heavily blinged, just use your knuckles to make the circles.

By increasing the circulation at the surface of the skin right before bed, your skin will get a jump start on repairing itself. The result is immediate and undeniable. You glow girl!

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