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Healthy Habits To Prevent Burnout

Healthy Habits To Prevent Burnout

It’s no secret that we’ve been dealing with a lot collectively ever since the start of Covid 19. While we might have thought that the start of the world opening up would be the light at the end of the tunnel, it might actually prove to be a bit of an added stressor to some of our lives.


Clearly we are all excited to be back out in the world, don’t get us wrong! It’s the transition from a year of at-home school, work and well basically LIFE, into more social settings that might add a level of stress that may go unnoticed.


So here is our reminder to be gentle with yourself while we get through these transitions as a whole. Read on for some healthy habits you can begin to practice to prevent mental burnout.


Say YES to yourself first!

Do not feel obligated to say yes to all social outings that may present themselves. As Habits For Well Being stated, when saying yes to something you would rather say no to, you are essentially betraying yourself. 


If you aren’t feeling up to it, simply be honest with yourself and your friends or family and say no guilt-free.


Stay Hydrated!

According to Health Line the daily recommended intake of water is 11.5 cups for Women and 15.5 cups for Men. Keep in mind that your intake will vary depending on the nature of your environment, physical activity, and size. 


Lack of water can negatively impact your levels of concentration and energy, and remembering staying hydrated will not only benefit you from within but also give that skin some extra glow!


Unplug and Check-In

Take at least 15 minutes out of your day to avoid all types of electronics and social media and make it a moment for you to genuinely check in with yourself, and be honest about how you’re feeling in that moment. Acknowledge all feelings and allow them to be felt and released before proceeding with your day.


Positive Affirmations

Get into the habit of starting your morning with one or two positive affirmations. 


Here are a few simple ones to get you started:


-“I will accomplish all that I set out to do” 

-”I have so much to offer the world”

-”Today will be a great day”


If you aren’t completely comfortable speaking your affirmations out loud you can always write them down on a sticky note and stick them to your mirror. You can then mentally read them daily as often as you can manage.


Joy is a daily practice, so when you’re feeling a little low on joy take a minute to practice it until it becomes hardwired into your life and brain.  

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