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Non-Abrasive Exfoliation With Sugar Wax

Non-Abrasive Exfoliation With Sugar Wax

The skies are gray, snowmen are being built and you’re probably sporting a few layers by now! While hair removal isn’t your number one priority for now, you’re probably feeling the effects of winter on your skin.


What if we told you that you should still be reaching for your Glow Gloop Sugar Wax Jar . . . .but not necessarily for its hair removing properties.


Read on to find out how you can make the most of your Glow Goop Sugar Wax in these cold winter months.


If you’ve ever carefully looked at your Glow Goop Sugar Wax Jar you may have noticed that it's labeled as a Hair Remover + Exfoliant, okay so how and why is this relevant?


Dead Skin Be Gone

Lower temperature tends to cause dryer skin and as all of us skincare addicts know, dry skin doesn’t readily absorb product! Bustle confirms this and reminds us that hydrated skin will more readily receive and absorb the goods in your skincare products. But more importantly look and feel supple and healthy.


Now, here’s where the Glow Goop comes into play. You’ve noticed that after your sugaring sessions your skin tends to be silky smooth and baby soft. Well that’s not just from hair removal. The Glow Goop is formulated to bind itself to dead skin cells and hair, NEVER to live skin! So with every flick of the wrist your sugar is literally taking winter off!


BONUS: This renewed skin leads to less ingrown hairs (because skin is constantly being resurfaced the hair has nothing to stay trapped beneath). 


Personally, our favorite part of regularly exfoliating with Glow Goop Sugar Wax is the fact that we get to say good-bye to good ol’ days of scrubbing ourselves with an in-shower loofa because Glow Goop’s exfoliating effects last up to 2 weeks!


PRO TIP: Keep the smoothness going for longer with weekly dry brushing with our.Glow Wand

You can learn more about the amazing benefits of dry brushing your skin here.

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