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Sugar Sugar Wax - Aftercare

Sugaring Aftercare

The hair, fuzz and dead skin is gone and your baby fresh skin is all aglow. 

Long-Lasting Results

The good news is that the hair and fuzz are won’t be making any appearances for some weeks to come. That’s right; it takes weeks for the skin to produce new hair bulbs and sprout new hair. And since less than 10% of the hair removed has seen any breakage you can expect clear skin for a hefty bit of time. 

24 Hours

The first 24 hours after sugaring is when your skin will be most vulnerable. Since the hair was removed from the root; your pores will remain pretty open for that period so be sure to avoid any oils and oil products. Anything heavy like make-up or oil can clog pores and result in breakouts or red, bumpy irritated skin. Obviously we recommend the Silk Slip Serum. That’s why it’s part of the kit. Your skin will need some hydration, nourishment and protection from the elements and the serum is specifically designed for vulnerable skin.

Serve and Protect that Glow

But will the glow last as long? Real talk; not likely. Your skin is constantly regenerating. So as new skin cells develop the topmost layer of skin begins to dull and then die...hence ‘dead skin’. 

Naturally you want to stretch the glow as long as possible so for the first 5 days following sugaring you’ll want to be diligent with hydration and nourishment. This is precisely why we developed the triple hyaluronic acid serum. And with any exposed areas like the face, arms and legs you’ll also want to be diligent with sun protection...ideally something zinc-based, and ideally after 24 hours from the time of treatment.


But aside from nourishing your skin, you can stretch even more life out of that glow by gently and naturally exfoliating the skin after the second week post-sugaring. Salt and sugar-based scrubs are best. And for the love the earth don’t use any of that micro-bead crap. RANT WARNING; [Bead is just a less nasty way of saying plastic, and plastic doesn’t dissolve in water. It stays in the water system and makes its way into streams and rivers and maybe even back in your cup via tap water. No one wants to drink micro-beads of plastic.]


Your body wants to reproduce the hair quickly so most of the regrowth energy goes into the development of the shaft of the hair, not the bulb. This is amazingly good news because it means that the second time you remove the same hair follicle, it’ll slide right out with a fraction of the resistance of the first time. Less resistance=less pain. 


It is highly recommended that you repeat 3 cycles of sugaring with less than 6 weeks gap between each cycle. The repeated sugaring will teach your body that it can survive without hair as it’s not the Pleistocene Age, and it will also weaken the follicle so much that the returning hair is finer and less visible. You will notice after 3 consecutive applications that the regrowth is also much slower. You’re welcome!

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