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Sugaring The Upper Lip

Sugaring The Upper Lip

While masks have been helpful in hiding our facial hair situation these past months, there’s still a lot of time spent without a mask. Whether we’re chatting away on Zoom or hanging out with our quarantine pods, we’ve all had a moment when we asked ourselves if we should mind the ‘stache.

You may have found that rockin’ some fuzzies on the upper lip is your new jam, and that’s cool; you do you! But if your upper lip hair is getting in the way of your beauty regimen then keep reading.

Sugaring the upper lip is a bit different than sugaring the other parts of the face; or really anywhere else on the body. The post-sugaring results may be the same; soft and supple smooth skin. But you might have to do things slightly differently on the upper lip.

Firstly, the upper lip is an instant sweat zone. In fact, it’s usually the first area on the face to perspire when you get hot or start to exercise. This makes powdering the area super important. In fact, you must powder between each application to keep the area dry enough for the sugaring wax to effectively adhere to the hair.

Secondly, the pores around the upper lip are tight - quite noticeably tighter than the cheek area - and the hairs can be finer and shorter than the rest of the face. This means that the hair will be a bit more resistant to removal so you’ll likely have to go over the same area 2 or even 3 times. But you don’t need to worry about stressing your skin; the Glow Goop sugaring wax is so gentle that you can go over the same area several times, even if you have sensitive skin.

The tight pores also mean that the tiniest impurity on the skin will result in a breakout so be absolutely sure to clean the area with Clean Slate, and be sure to give your skin a final cold rinse before after clean up to close those pores back up.

Finally, the upper lip is dense with nerve endings - that’s why kissing feels so good - but it also means that the area may be a little more sensitive to hair removal. Since sugaring ranks very low on the pain scale it usually won’t feel like pain when you’re sugaring the upper lip, it’ll feel hot and maybe closer to a burning sensation but obviously not burning because the sugaring wax is used at room temperature or slightly warmer.

Keep these tips in mind next time you tackle the upper lip and you’ll be laughing all the way to zoom!


My daughter is 8 year old. she has hair on upper lip. Do you have sugaring wax for sensitive skin and for age is it ok to use?. where can i buy your product in Toronto?


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