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Reuse Your Glass Bottles

Reuse Your Glass Bottles

Did you know that more 90% of beauty and personal care product packaging isn’t even recyclable?

Yes we’re appalled at this statistic too. But Sugar Sugar isn’t the only conscious beauty brand that uses glass, many brands are finally moving away from mixed plastics and using more environmentally friendly materials for their packaging. 

Not only does glass maintain the efficacy of ingredients and products but it’s reusable, recyclable and sustainably produced.

Plastics are cheap and easy to manufacture, they also cost a hell of a lot less to ship, but only a few - like PET - can actually be recycled. Most just end up in a landfill or the ocean. Glass bottles can be continuously recycled back into new glass! 

The best part is that you can repurpose your old glass bottles. It doesn't have to just be old personal care or cosmetic bottles but any glass. 

Here are some ideas:

1. You can use Sugar Sugar Clean Slate cleansing water spray bottles for DIY room spray; just refill them with natural rose water, or a lavender pillow spray mixing distilled water and lavender essential oil

2. Old perfume bottles can be great decor pieces to add to any room, you can even use them as mini vases. If you don’t like the label just spray paint it any color you like

3. The Glow Goop glass jar is literally the perfect size to have a second life as a candle, all you need is some wax and a wick!

4. You can use some of your smaller bottles to refill for traveling instead of buying those tiny plastic ones. Be sure to use thicker glass to avoid breaking

5.Old cosmetic jars/pots can be used for your own DIY lip balm creations! 

If you don't save your glass bottles, just make sure to recycle them responsibly. You can contact your local recycling facility to find out more information about how they recycle. 

Keep your favorite brands in check by asking them about their packaging and if they have any recycling programs in place. We’re excited to be introducing a refill program in 2021. Stay tuned for details.

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