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Summer Skin Hack: How To Sugar Stomach Hair

Summer Skin Hack: How To Sugar Stomach Hair

Whether you hate it or love we all have some level of hair or fuzz covering our stomachs! As stated by Health Line, at least some amount of hair on our stomachs whether we are male or female is completely normal, now whether you decide to get rid of it or keep it is personal preference. 


For those of you who aren’t fans of the fuzz we’ve got a sweet solution in store, and it’s one that will not only leave you fuzz free but also give your stomach the exfoliation it most likely hasn’t had all winter. Bonus: it’s not painful like waxing.


So before hesitating to reach for your bikini or crop top this summer, read on for a simple stomach sugaring tutorial that’ll have you addicted to flaunting that silky smooth mid section.


The How

With the stomach being a softer area than the usual sugaring like arms and legs the approach will be much different.


As always you’ll want to apply your Clean Slate Micellar Cleansing Water to cleanse the area, and follow with Detox Dust moisture absorbing powder. When going to heat your Glow Goop sugar wax you’ll want to keep in mind that you never heat more than 10 seconds, as our Founder Salome Sallehy stated in a recent Pop Sugar article the sugar wax should be gooey and malleable but not loose and runny.


Once you’ve prepped the stomach you’ll begin your sugaring application at the bottom of the belly button, sometimes referred to as the ‘happy trail’. You may find it helpful to pull the skin taut with the hand you are not using for your sugar wax application.


You’ll apply your sugar wax in the opposite direction of hair growth 3 times - this is an important number - You’ll then flick in the direction of hair growth to ensure you are removing the hair from its follicle rather than breaking it at the surface of the skin. The “triple pull and flick” technique is what will ensure your hair removal will last 4-6 weeks!


As you move on to the rest of the stomach’s surface you will want to keep in mind that the direction of hair growth varies in each section of the stomach, and with each application you will be pulling 3 times in the direction away from the belly button and finally flick towards the belly button for removal from the root.


The Results

Once you’ve sugared the entire surface of your stomach you will have a silky smooth and fuzz free surface that will last you up to 6 weeks, that’s enough to last you through a summer vacation! The best part about choosing Sugar Sugar Wax’s Glow Goop for your stomach hair removal is that you have just exfoliated and refreshed the skin of an often neglected body surface!


We encourage whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident, so whether you’ll be reaching straight for the crop tops and bikinis or taking a quick sugaring detour we’re here to give you safe options and empower you to feel your best self whether it’s hairy or hair-free!


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