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The Facial I Didn't Know I NEEDED

The Facial I Didn't Know I NEEDED

Skincare has always been a HUGE part of my life, and when I say skincare I mean facial skincare. For some reason, the majority of the human population has assigned the term ‘skincare’ to only one stretch of skin; the face. 


From face masks, toners, exfoliators and moisturizers to jade rollers; we tend to prioritize the care of our face above all because it is the first thing people see, at least that’s how I felt. 

Having tried everything from The Drunk Elephant’s Sukari Babyfacial to Shea Moisture’s Clarifying mud mask I was growing tired of countless new jars of face masks I wanted to ‘try out’. 

Fast forward to when I discovered Sugar Sugar Wax’s Glow Goop.



Not that it was supposed to be used as a mask but that’s just what I’ve been doing and it has replaced all other face masks for me


When I received my first box of Glow Goop I noticed that it was labeled as a sugar wax hair remover & exfoliant. It was also labeled as a remover of hair, dead skin & BLACKHEADS! 


Naturally, my first use of my Glow Goop was to remove hair! When I tell you I have never felt my legs be as soft as they were post sugar waxing, I am not exaggerating! Don’t take my word for it PLEASE, try it yourself! 


The results were life-changing and I just thought to myself if this liquid gold is capable of restoring such youthful glow and smoothness to skin on my legs, what might it possibly do for the face on my skin? After all, it is also labeled a blackhead remover which by the way I have yet to find a facemask that could properly extract those pesky little things.


I headed to the Glow Guide & quickly found videos ranging from how to properly sugar wax to SUGARING FACIAL! I was so excited, because while fuzz removal wasn’t my top concern I was on the hunt for a great method of exfoliation and decongesting clogged pores. 


After watching the sugaring facial tutorial I warmed my jar of Glow Goop and grabbed the tiniest lump of sugar wax. Rather than apply the proper triple pull & flick technique I added my own twist to the sugaring facial technique (again because my goal was more exfoliation focused rather than de-fuzzing). 


My sugaring facial technique, after having applied my detox dust of course, was to apply my glow goop to the face and pull 1-2 times then flick. I would also do somewhat of a patting down and pulling motion when focusing on areas where my main concern was blackheads.


What I found was that doing a sugaring facial once a month has given my facial skin an incredible glow and next-level exfoliation! It has decongested problem areas - I don’t know why no one has been talking about the decongestion part - and I feel so light after my sugaring facial session. I’ve also fallen in love with the application of my foundation now on the days I choose to go full glam. 


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