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3 most common sugaring mistakes

The 3 Most Common Sugaring Rookie Mistakes

There is definitely a learning curve, because sugaring with our Glow Goop is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. But we are here to support you, and help you at every step as you adopt this beautiful tradition into your beauty repertoire.

Once you get the hang of it you won’t believe how easy it is and you’ll be sugaring all over the place. So to get you started on the right foot let’s go over the 3 most common mistakes our sugaring rookies make so you can avoid them off the bat.

1. OVERHEATING: This is so common, especially in the summer when the temps are already high. The rule of thumb is that if you can manage to scoop it out, it’s warm enough. It is not supposed to be runny like honey but rather hard, almost like soft tree sap. Since our Sugaring Wax is a natural substance it’s bound to be affected by the environment, much like we are. If you’re in a warm climate you may not even need to warm the sugar. If you’re in a cooler climate at a higher elevation you may need to warm it twice.

2. POWDER: The Detox Dust powder is what makes the sugar stick to the hair so use it. The skin’s natural reaction to hair removal is to start sweating. Well that sweat can get in the way of the sugaring wax really binding to the hair. So use the powder throughout the process not just at the beginning. If you’re not getting all the hair off you either need more powder or you need to apply the triple pull technique.

3. TRIPLE PULL: Our sugaring at the beach video demonstrated the triple pull technique which is how you apply the sugaring wax. You need to apply it 3 times by pressing it onto the skin and pulling it on the same spot 3 times to really allow the sugaring wax to grip the hair.


If you can remember these 3 tips you’ll be sugaring like a pro in no time.

We also have videos for each of the 4 steps so be sure to watch them before you make your first sugaring attempt.

Be patient with yourself because once you get the hang of it your skin will love sugaring!

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