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Why you should dry brush your skin


You probably already do some kind of skin care in the forms of cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and masking on your face, but don’t forget about the body. The practice of dry skin brushing has not only become popular lately, but it also might be the holy grail of your glow. 

Professional therapists and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow & Jennifer Anniston swear by the benefits; aside from exfoliating dead skin cells, it also helps to reduce cellulite and amps up your skin’s reflective quality; hence the GLOW. 
Before we get into the benefits of dry brushing and how to incorporate it into treatments, let’s look at the function of skin.


Our skin’s job is to protect the rest of our body from anything harmful in our direct environment. It’s the largest organ of the body, so it’s super important that we keep it in the proper pH and in a healthy state.

Another crucial role our skin plays is in the detoxifi­cation process. If our system becomes overloaded and polluted with toxins, our body cannot efficiently filter impurities and goes into toxin overload. 

Our skin shows it by being dull, sallow, producing cellulite and looking like it needs a healthy slap in the face.


Our skin cells contain densely packed nerve cells made up of excitable neurons, which transmit electrical and chemical signals throughout the nervous system and act as messengers to our brain giving our skin a critical part of the interaction with the environment.


1. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system allowing subcutaneous toxins to move and release.

2. Dry brushing also exfoliates the skin. You get a great exfoliation when you sugar but after about a week the dead skin cells start to build back up and dry brushing helps you extend that magical glow for weeks...or until your next sugaring sesh.

3. By stimulating the skin you’re also increasing circulation which allows the blood vessels to bring more of the goods to the surface of the skin and you guessed it...enhance your skin’s glow!

4. The circular motion of dry brushing in the direction of the lymph nodes moves toxins closer the toxic purge sites and facilitates the detoxification process further.

5. The moving out of toxins and increase in oxygen flow from stimulated blood vessels also reduces cellulite. Yup, that lumpy, dimply stuff of the back of your legs, butt and stomach is a result of the toxins building up in the fat layer of the skin.

6. Last but not least, touch has been proven to lift your mood and relieve stress, even if it’s with a scruffy dry brush, you’re stimulating parts of your skin and body that don’t get a whole lot of love in a normal day!

We can go on and on, but you get the picture. 

We believe in this beautiful process so much that we created the Glow Wand to help you extend your post-sugaring glow all the way until the next time you pick up your jar of Glow Goop sugaring wax. 

Try it for yourself and thank us later!

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