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The Whole Kit & Kaboodle


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$185 Value (for only $129)

4 Steps to your Ultimate GLOW

We care about our environment, our Detox Dust is packaged in a recyclable paper shaker and our CLEAN SLATE, GLOW GOOP & SILK SLIP is packaged in Glass. (NOT plastic)

If you’re new to sugaring; this is where you need to start. 

Following the system is essential, and using the right products in the
right order will guarantee success. In this Kit you’ll get all of the
products in Steps 1 through 4 to clean, powder, sugar and nourish your skin!



Avoid breakouts and irritation by cleansing the skin thoroughly before removing hair, fuzz and dead skin.

Balancing moisture and ph level to prepare skin for hair removal is critical. Micellar water has been used in France for over 100 years to clean every manner of skin; to clean delicate baby bottoms to full glam make-up.



Soak up any moisture with DETOX DUST

Water is the kryptonite of sugaring wax. But this super-powder helps keep moisture and sweat at bay. Not only does it keep the skin surface dry, allowing the sugar wax to fully adhere to dead skin and hair, but the anti-bacterial essential oil blend is formulated to keep skin clean and clear of any micro intruders.



Out with the fuzz and in with the GLOW GOOP

It’s so simple and clean that you can eat it. Made of just a few natural food-grade ingredients. The Glow Goop is not just for hair and fuzz- it’s a great exfoliant and blackhead remover!The magic of this formula is that it adheres only to dead cells, which is hair, fuzz and dead skin. That means that while you expose your fresh glowing skin, live skin cells aren’t being pulled.
Less pull = less pain.



Prepare to slip into the grand finale with SILK SLIP 

If hyaluronic acid is amazing for your face why not use it on your whole body? This finishing product is so gentle that you can apply it to your face 2 or 3 times a day, but also strong enough to penetrate deep to nourish and protect your fresh glow from toxins.