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Bare-Body Essentials - Glow Goop & Detox Dust


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Bare-Body Essentials

You’re stranded on an island and you can only have 2 products?
This duo will have you hair-free and fuzz-free in no time.
The Detox Dust (powder) is the yin to the Glow Goop (wax) yang. 

We care about our environment, our Detox Dust is packaged in recyclable paper shaker and our Glow Goop is packaged in a Glass jar. (NOT plastic)


Your skin’s natural response to hair removal is to start perspiration. Unfortunately perspiration (aka water) gets in the way of the sugar wax latching onto the hair, so it is imperative to keep the skin dry during the waxing process. The powder is specifically formulated to absorb moisture and toxins so you can wax quickly and effectively.