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Saying Goodbye To The Old Adage ‘Beauty Is Pain’

Saying Goodbye To The Old Adage ‘Beauty Is Pain’

As Women’s Month 2021 comes to a close we’re taking stock of our contribution to an equitable society and finding that some of the ideas around beauty that we were raised with need to be pulled up from the follicle discarded.
While society has become more aware of the lengths women must go to be ‘beautiful’ , the phrase ‘beauty is pain’ can occasionally still be heard exchanged at the salons or between mother & daughter. When painless beauty methods don’t appear to be an option, those who subscribe to these beautiful measures are essentially left to pick their poison.
We’re here to change that; at least where body hair and hair removal is concerned. Our founder Salome Sallehy questioned rather than accepted that expectation. 
She began to question why something so basic as hair had become so unacceptable in society, especially for women. The impossible paradox was almost comical; you can’t have any body or facial facial hair but there also wasn’t a sustainable way of getting rid of that hair. The very definition of a ball and chain. 
“As women; we were either at the mercy of salons, or estheticians; or we had to commit ourselves to the daily and unsatisfying razor” said Salome Sallehy.

And so began a new era of hair removal; one that empowers women (and men) to take charge of their hairy situation to celebrate or banish the hair as they saw fit, and not as society told them to be.  

Salome started Sugar Sugar Wax to give girls, boys, women and men an empowering choice for hair removal; one that was easy, simple and safe.
“As a young girl I remember feeling overwhelmed by the awareness that I not only had all these new rules for how to exist, but also didn’t really have any kid-friendly options to conform to them.
Just as soon as I was old enough to think of myself as a girl and not just a kid I kept hearing ‘beauty is pain’. Whether my hair was being yanked into a perfect braid, or I was having my brows plucked out one at a time like torture it was always the same message ‘beauty is pain’.”
“I remember looking down at my legs just before waxing one day and thinking ‘it’s just hair, it can’t be this hard’. 
Shaving at the beginning was a nightmare, and with continued practice it got easier but never better; if it wasn’t cuts and niks, it was ingrown hairs or just having to do it day in and day out. I was so frustrated by the lack of options that I had to find a solution for myself if no one else.”

In a fight to reinvent hair removal and raise the standard for safe beauty Salome Sallehy established her brand in the hair removal space as the first biodegradable at-home reusable sugar waxing system. 

Inspired by the multiple stories of hair removal horrors and sensitive skin sufferers, who were limited to some painful or risky form of hair removal she has now built a brand based on community and empowerment. 
Hair removal when and where you want.
While adoption tends to be a slower process than innovation, challenging the standard quo is an art reserved for few. As women stand up for equality, shedding outdated ideas like ‘beauty is pain’ that don’t serve an equitable purpose is a necessary step towards real empowerment.

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