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What are Strawberry Legs?

What are Strawberry Legs?

Spring is right around the corner & Summer will quickly follow, so why not BARE IT ALL & address a common skincare worry that is too uncommonly talked about; Strawberry Legs! Whether you are male, female, 20’s or 40’s you have most likely experienced at least a mild case of this symptom. We’re here to shed some light on what this condition actually is & how you can avoid it.
Strawberry Legs   
The name originated from the appearance of the dark & pitted spots resembling that of a strawberry’s seeds. According to Medical News Today, this condition arises when large pores or hair follicles become filled with dead skin, oil & bacteria. The oxidation of these substances then causes the darkened appearance, which also resembles the scar tissue.
Sound familiar? 
So why are we not discussing them as often as facial skincare?
These symptoms are usually seen immediately after shaving, but can last for months, even years. The main culprit being the razor, and sometimes exasperated by a dull or low quality one at that. Though not painful, they tend to make the skin more irritable and be a cause for concern or just simply something that makes us self-conscious.
Read on for ways to seed this problem out:

Dry Brushing

The quickest & most efficient way to exfoliate such a large area of skin. Legs are not too different from the skin on our face, & if you’re reading this it's likely you have made exfoliation a part of your facial skincare regimen. Now it's time to level up that leg or arm care regimen!

Dry Brushing before showering & removing hair will allow all dead skin cells to be gently removed, preventing entrapment & revealing silky smooth legs. Natural bristle brushes tend to yield the best results that’s why we’ve created the ultimate dry brush; check out the Glow Wand.

You can learn more about all of the benefits of dry brushing in this post.


Sugaring/sugar waxing is an optimal solution to target both hair removal while exfoliating because it will also help keep pores clear by gently removing the dead skin. 

Our Glow Goop sugaring wax is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, yet tough on dead skin. 

Rather than take a razor to your legs (or any other body part) you would warm up the natural sugar based wax pliable enough to stretch along the furry/fuzzy patch of skin you’d like to make smooth. Once the sugar paste has fully adhered to the hair you will then pull in the direction of the hair clearing it of the hair & its follicle leaving no dry skin cells to pile up & oxidize. Check out this video for a quick demonstration of the application.

To learn more about the impact that shaving has on your skin read this

Frequent Razor Replacement


Now if you’re completely set on the razor, we got you covered as well 

It is recommended to splurge on the razors that are a little more expensive, as you will get a better quality blade & shave from it. That being said, you must NEVER forget to frequently replace your razor. According to Loreal Paris USA the replacement should happen every 5-7 shaves. 

It is also recommended that you store your razor anywhere but the shower, as it is very humid & will likely cause rusting.
While strawberry legs are not the worst skin condition you’ve encountered, it is a condition that can easily be avoided. With regular dry brushing and sugaring, you’ll find you’re in the most comfortable version of your skin. 
Your skin is the largest organ of your body so take good care of it. 

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