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Spring: Re-evaluate Your Circadian Rhythm & Align

Spring: Re-evaluate Your Circadian Rhythm & Align

Spring: The Perfect Time To Re-evaluate Your Circadian Rhythm & Align With Nature

Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming & the sun is shining bright, but why do you feel like a withering daffodil?

Overwhelmed with thoughts of spring cleaning & planning, we often forget about the time change that accompanies this beautiful season until we’re sitting in front of a clock with an incorrect time on display. When you realize the effect of that 1 stolen hour of sleep digital clocks will be the least of your worries! The clock most affected is an internal one, your circadian rhythm to be exact. 
According to the Sleep Foundation, our circadian rhythm is a 24 hour cycle that helps to regulate sleep among other essential bodily functions such as mood and appetite. This circadian rhythm we all possess within our bodies is regulated by a circadian pacemaker that is guided by exposure to light. Circadian rhythm will be at it’s best when it is in alignment with the natural light-darkness cycle. 
Darkness will signal the brain to produce melatonin, a natural hormone produced by the body to aid healthy sleep. As melatonin levels rise in the bloodstream drowsiness will occur with the purpose of stabilizing your circadian rhythm. Light on the other hand will put a stop to the production of melatonin within the body. 

Spring forward on your own terms!

Waking up can be harder because the hours of darkness are shorter and the body takes time to adjust to the change. The production of melatonin continues to drop throughout the spring and summer possibly making mornings a bit more groggy. This is why good sleep hygiene is especially important in the spring and summer months. 

Later sunsets also delay the start of melatonin production, as we will naturally be exposed to light later into the evening. Our modern lives with continued exposure to light goes way past the hours of sunset delaying the onset of sleepiness even longer. Aside from the impact of sleep on our brain function there are beauty benefits of sleep to look forward to as well.
Solutions you can immediately implement to better restore your inner being this spring season:

While you can’t completely eliminate a lost hour of sleep, you can do it on your own terms by preparing your mind & body for this change 2-3 days in advance. Set your alarm 20-30 minutes earlier than your usual wake-up time to begin the adjustment & shoot for an early bedtime the night of the change. Ideally 1 hour earlier swould ensure you get your regular amount of sleep.


Let there be light!!

Once the Daylight Savings Time has begun, aim for bright mornings. If the sun can’t provide it for you yet, take control & brighten up that room! Let your brain know downtime is over!

Additionally, exposure to sunlight will be very beneficial to the proper alignment of your circadian rhythm & also serve as an energizer when days may seem like they’re dragging. So don’t be afraid to put whatever you’re doing aside for a bit & step into the sun & enjoy the fresh air. 
What better way to ground yourself than to align your internal clock with that of the Earth’s?

Make the sleep count!

Quality sleep is the ticket to a glowing you! You can start by limiting exposure to light before bedtime, according to the Cleveland Clinic screen time should be stopped 1 hour before sleep to minimize brain activity. 

It is also recommended by Healthline, that you keep the temperature of your environment around 65 degrees to avoid any sleep disruptions caused by temperatures too high or low. Your circadian rhythm will cause your body temperature to rise around your bedtime then it will gradually cool until reaching its lowest temperature near sun rise. 
Rather than fall into bad sleeping patterns, take this opportunity to spring into action & take control of your sleep schedule. The key to an enjoyable & productive day is a night of quality sleep!

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