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Warming the Sugar

Warming the Sugar

Much like all of the good and natural things in life - like yoga, self-care, and cooking great food; it’s a practice.Sugaring is a practice. And much like all good practices; half the battle is in the preparation.

Preparing the sugar wax for use can make all the difference. You want to warm the sugar just a bit; enough to soften it for scooping and stretching, but not so soft that it’s loose and runny and impossible to control.



There are 2 easy warming methods;

Microwave for 10 seconds - it’s critical that you only do this once, and it’s also critical that there is absolutely nothing else in the microwave so that the heat distributes evenly. Overheating the sugar can lead to burns. Let’s just be clear; sugar wax is not like candle wax, which cools immediately as it leaves the heat source. On the contrary sugar wax; holds extreme amounts of heat for extended periods so don’t microwave it twice.

Hot water bath method - steep the jar of sugar in boiling hot water for about 10 minutes. That means that first you boil the water; and then make a bath in a second container (ie bowl) and then you submerge the tightly closed jar into the bath. This will soften the sugar more so around the edges of the jar. It’s critical that the jar is closed tightly so that a drop of water doesn’t make its way into the sugar wax. Water in the formula is poor practice and will get in the way of the sugar wax working properly.



It might sound a bit crazy to account for weather when you’re doing something indoors and probably in the controlled environment of you bathroom but after a little practice you’ll understand how much nature effects other natural things.


1. Baby it’s COLD outside; when the outside weather is cooler, our body temp also tends to run a bit cooler, especially at the surface of the skin. When your skin is cool, you can’t rely on a lot of warming to happen at the surface of the skin so you’ll want to start the sugar paste off a bit softer to start and expect that it will cool and maybe even harden through the process of use.


2. It’s gettin’ HOT in here; during warmer/hotter months your skin is usually warmer at the surface to match it’s environment, which means that every time you stretch the sugar wax on your skin; your skin will warm it up a bit. So in the hotter months it’s best to start with the sugar a tiny bit tougher and let it loosen up in the process. This means that the very first application might require a bit of muscle to stretch it over the skin, but after a tug or two it’ll be soft and manageable.

3. HUMIDITY facts; No one’s hair ever liked humidity; but the tension between hair and humidity has never been more pronounced than when sugar tries to get in between. Enter Detox Dust; humidity, especially on the surface of the skin, is the enemy of sugar, so the more humidity is in the air the more Detox Dust powder you will need; probably every single time you apply the sugar to your skin you’ll have to dust first. On the other hand dryer climates are ideal for sugaring with minimal powder intervention. Unless of course you’ve been in the dry climate for so long that your skin is starting to match the skin of the reptiles of the desert environment.


So you can see that Goldilocks had the right idea; not too hot, not too cold but just right. These tips are designed to optimize your use of the sugar wax so that each lump of goop that you scoop can be stretched multiple times and cover a larger area of skin.




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