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Save Water With Sugaring

A person uses about a gallon of water to shave their face alone, and at least 3 gallons of water shaving their legs in the shower. 

If only 20 million people (that’s about half of the population of California) shaved their legs 3 times a week that adds up to 180 million gallons. Over the course of a year it adds up to over 9 billion gallons which is the equivalent of an entire reservoir or lake.

That's a LOT of water.

Sure there’s a price to pay for smooth skin but it doesn’t have to be an entire lake.

Sugaring on the other hand is not only a waterless process, but since the hair is being removed from the follicle resulting in smooth hair-free skin for weeks and weeks, you will only need to ‘sugar’ any area 8 or 9 times per year to be always smooth.

The only water requirement in sugaring is wiping the area with a damp cloth to remove any sticky residue after sugaring. This may lead to a total of 2 cups of water over the course of a year.

To compare apples to apples; if 20 million people sugared their legs; the water cost over the course of a year would be 2.5 million gallons which is a tiny fraction of what the water cost of shaving is in a week.

Let that sink in!

As if the smooth skin for weeks (an average of 4-6 weeks) wasn’t enough to sway you to officially break up with your razor, and embrace sugaring at-home World Water Day reminds us that we can do so much more for our beloved planet.


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