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Why I travel with Sugar Wax

I travel a lot. Between work and leisure, if it could go wrong on a trip I've experienced it first hand. Razor burn on the beach, shaving cream forgotten at home, my entire luggage lost for the first three days of a beach trip in the summer...

I personally like to keep smooth for sunny trips, so when my razor does manage to make it to my destination I shave every couple of days. Even as an expert shaver, razor burn can still happen and I don't need to tell you how well that feels with sand, salt water, and sun.

In 2021 I discovered Sugar Wax - and I'll never travel with another razor again.

Most of my trips are under two weeks so I sugar the main zones; bikini, underarms and legs a day or two before I fly, and I'm free for the remainder of the trip. I don't even bring it with me. I don't have to think about body hair or shaving until a week or two after I get home.

For longer trips - 3 or 4 weeks - I bring a little lump along in a plastic baggie, or a bigger lump that I wrap in parchment paper and fold multiple times.

Though I rarely see any hair growth in the 3 or 4 week period I like to have a lump with me as insurance in case I missed a spot, or a few hairs grow back sooner and I need to do a little touch up.

Not having a daily body hair routine has let me get more out of my travel time. I wake up with my partner and most days I'm the first one out the door.

I get to walk down the beach with confidence, knowing that every day is a perfect hair day "down there" or anywhere because what gets sugared stays smooth for a month at least and it grows back super slowww.


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