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Summer Sugaring Rulebook

Sugaring Rulebook - Summer Edition

As a natural substance sugaring wax gets affected by the temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity. 

What does this mean for you? You don’t need to warm it up for the whole 10 seconds. Perhaps just 5 seconds will do.

Depending on the temperature of the room that you’re keeping your Glow Goop you might not have to warm it up at all.

THE FIRST RULE OF THUMB is that if you can manage to scoop a lump then it’s warm enough. You only need to warm the sugar if you cannot push a finger through to the bottom of the jar.

Also, your skin tends to be warmer in the summer so the sugar wax will warm up as soon as it meets your skin and continue to get softer with each application.

THE SECOND RULE OF THUMB is that if you’re sweating or even moist in any part of your body you’re probably too warm to be sugaring.

One of the unique benefits of our Glow Goop sugaring wax is that you can reapply the same lump of Goop 5-10 times to remove hair, from any body part or even the face, before you discard it so the cooler the environment where you’re sugaring the more use you’ll get from the goop. 

One golf-sized lump can sugar a whole leg in the right conditions.


THE THIRD RULE OF THUMB is if you’re new to sugaring start with a smaller area and a smaller lump of sugaring wax until you get the hang of it. 

We recommend starting with smaller areas like the underarms or bikini area and working your way up to arms. We always recommend that you try sugaring half-legs after at least 3 sessions of practice.

THE FOURTH AND FINAL RULE OF THUMB for sugaring in the summer is as soon as the sugaring wax becomes loose enough that you can’t flick it off clean; get a fresh lump. You might find yourself in a sticky situation if you’ve overextended the Glow Goop as it may get too soft and loose to remove. But don’t panic just yet; we have some ideas:


If your Glow Goop sugaring wax gets too soft and droopy in application and you can’t flick it off, here’s what you do:

1. Leave the loose wax on the skin and dig out a fresh lump. Apply the fresh lump over the old loose wax and flick it all off together.

2. Pull the loose mass together so the wax trail left on the skin is super thin. Then you can either discard the mass or try flicking it off 180 degrees back like you’re quickly flipping a page. Do not pull up away from the skin.

3. If all else fails just wash it off with warm water, dry and powder the skin and start with a fresh lump.

While sugaring is the best method of hair removal that is gentle on your skin and the planet, it takes a bit of practice to master. And what better time to practice than in the summer?

If you have any questions about our products and how to perfect your technique don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help!


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