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Why You Have Coarse Hair In Your Armpits & Bikini Area

Why You Have Coarse Hair In Your Armpits & Bikini Area

While some of us spend so much time and energy in getting rid of the extra coarse hair that grows in our armpits and bikini area, we seldom stop to ask why it’s there in the first place.


We know that the bewildering hormones that came with puberty put them there but do you ever wonder why?


Well we certainly did and were a little surprised to find that these annoying hairs actually serve a very important function in the body: they help us detox in a major way!


The areas that happen to have the naturally occurring coarse hair on our bodies also happen to be the purge sites of the human lymphatic system. 


The lymphatic vessels in our body carry waste, toxins and other unwanted materials out of our organs and purge them through sweat at the lymph purge sites as well as the rest of skin. 


Essentially, all the bad stuff that sneaks into our system from the environment and everything else; if it doesn’t get out through our digestion system the body relies on the lymphatic system to get rid of it, and the hair follicles assist in the purge process as channels.


Well what do you think happens when you laser that hair???

You’re simply destroying your toxic carry-out channels. 

Why do you think those little hairs keep fighting and come back? 

They want to keep you healthy.

So we had to ask the experts what sugaring does to the toxin purge process and we were once again surprised, but in a good way.

Since sugaring removes hair from the follicles allowing a new follicle to form, sugaring is like giving the lymphatic system sites a spring cleaning. The removal of the hair and follicle removes the toxins and bacteria that have been hanging out in the deeper parts of the hair follicles, which explains why your sweat don’t stank for a week after sugaring!


We’d like to thank science for helping us understand why we love sugaring so much!  

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