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Hair down there

Hair down there

While recent celebrity trends are paving the way for women to celebrate their bush, more than 90% of American women are tending to their nether-weeds in one way or another. 

As we have learned; shaving is probably the most damaging method of hair removal to use; especially on delicate areas, not to mention the guaranteed irritability.

Waxing seems like a popular option; though dreadfully painful, the results certainly last much longer than shaving.


Another method that seems to be gaining popularity, especially since Covid shut-down most of the country’s grooming parlors is trimming the bushes.

And of course there’s sugaring. Which is similar to waxing but without the pain, or the ingrown hairs, or the irritability.

As we consider our options we have to ask ourselves: 


What is the function of pubic hair and should we be removing it at all.

As we consider our options we have to ask ourselves; What is the function of pubic hair and should we be removing it at all.

Of course that question is absolutely a matter of personal preference. We all make different decisions about what we want to do with our hair down there. But as far as the medical community is concerned; there are no great risks in keeping it or in banishing the hair.

Pubic hair is unique to humans and other than creating a barrier to protect the skin and against bacteria, acting as a pheromone delivery system, and signaling sexual maturity; there is a lymph detoxification process that is facilitated by the hair.

So if you sugar, or wax, or shave, or trim, the occasional break from whatever your routine would probably be welcomed by your body.

Everyone has it! Whatever you choose to do with yours, however you choose to style your hair down there; we’re here to help. Here’s to you doing you!


The skin beneath the hair of your nether-regions is 10 times more absorbent than other body parts, so pay attention to what you put on it!

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