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Who is Sugaring?

Who is Sugaring?

While many seem to be happily jumping off the waxing and shaving bandwagon to get on the sugaring train, many are still wondering if sugaring is right for them.


Over the course of the past 2 years our team has kept a close eye on who’s adopting the trend and who isn’t and the results just might surprise you.


A Question Of Gender


One of the most common questions that comes up is coming from men, wondering if the sugaring wax will work for them or if it’s just for women. This is when we boast about the AskMen.com award that we won for Best Body Hair Remover


Although generally women tend to be early adopters of new beauty practices, men, transgender and those who identify as non-binary are not far behind. In recent years, self care rituals have become fair game for every body, regardless of social, or demographic associations.


Success with sugaring seems to be unrelated to gender, but rather a function of the coarseness of the individual's hair. Those with coarser hair tend to hit it off with our Glow Goop, which we attribute to the hair having more surface area for the sugaring wax to adhere to.


Finer hair can get a bit tricky, but you can learn more about how to sugar different textures and lengths of hair here.


The bottom line is that our sugaring wax and products are designed to be effective for any and all genders. Hair removal is a matter of personal preference and a statement of beauty, but skin is skin, and almost every type of skin loves being sugared.


What The Kids Are Doing


This is probably the area that was most surprising. Although we knew that we had created a formula that was safe enough for anyone to use - like even people with serious skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis - we were almost shocked to learn that children as young as 9 years old were sugaring with our Glow Goop. And by themselves no less. The slime generation seems to be mastering the technique rather quickly.


We’re proud to have created an inclusive and gender neutral product.

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