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Things that are more and less painful than sugaring, happy sugaring hair removal

10 Things That Are More and Less Painful Than Sugaring

Hair removal should not have to equal pain and don’t get us wrong there are methods of hair removal that are definitely painful but why should you have to put yourself through any type of pain just because you want to de-fuzz?


I know what you are thinking, shaving does not necessarily cause you any pain, but think about the ingrown hairs, the itchy regrowth and nicking yourself with the razor - ouch!


If you so choose to remove your fuzz then wouldn't you want to pick the method that will be the least painful and the most effective??? 


Sugaring might not be for everyone but if you're looking for a less painful and safer method of hair removal, it might be for you. 


Here are 5 things that are more painful than sugaring 


1. Seeing your ex post with their new bae on instagram

2. Getting a brain freeze

3. Paying your bills (painful to your wallet that is)

4. Getting a tattoo

5. Waxing, duh!


 Now that we got the negative out of the way….


What is less painful than sugaring?


Pain is different for everyone, but I think we can all agree that these next five things are pretty painless


1. Cuddling with your furry friends

2. Getting a parking spot right in front

3. Fitting in your favorite jeans

4. Watching the perfect sunset

5. Crawling into a bed with freshly clean sheets


Don't take our word for it, try sugaring yourself and see if your list differs.


Try out our Bare Body Essentials, a top seller kit that comes with your sugaring basics to get you started.


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