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At-home sugaring fail

First Time Sugaring Fail

My first attempt at sugaring was no walk in the park, it was frustrating.
I thought I was doing everything right, watched all the videos and read the instructions and still I was not successful. I could not get the sugaring wax to the right consistency, it was either way too hard and I could not even scoop it out or it was too runny and gooey. 


Every time I thought I finally had it right, I was barely getting any hair no matter how many times I tried the triple pull technique. I really just could not get the wax to grip to my hair. The videos made it seem soooo easy and at that point the disappointment set in and I was ready to toss the towel in.


A few months later I found it buried in my bathroom cabinet.


I had a flashback to my sugaring horror story but being the stubborn woman I am, I was not about to let that defeat replay in my head. I convinced myself that I needed to give it one more chance before I would allow myself to call it quits. After all, tons of people on social media seemed to be getting it right.


If school taught me anything, it was to do thorough research! So I grabbed my laptop and went back to the Sugar Sugar Wax Youtube channel to watch the videos to make sure I didn’t miss anything. With my brain fresh of sugaring knowledge I decided to take another stab at it and to my amazement, I had a breakthrough and everything changed. 


I remember the day. It was the second heat wave of the summer hitting Oakland California, my tiny floor fan was working overtime. My sugaring research warned against sugaring on a hot day but I was determined to get it right.


Opening the Glow Goop jar, I could tell my wax was probably more runny than it needed to be so I popped in the freezer for about 2 minutes to let it get a bit harder. Once I was able to poke the wax with my finger and leave an indent without any wax sticking to my finger, I knew the consistency was perfect. 

I was sweating, from the heat and a little because I was nervous so I grabbed my Detox Dust and powdered up my skin to make sure the wax would stick.


My first few tries I still could not get the wax to grip to my hair, and I knew it was probably because it was so hot out. 


But working the wax lump a bit in my hand before applying it to my skin helped me be able to get to grip. It took a few tries to get the motion down, and before I knew it I was executing the triple pull technique and could see the hair collecting in my sugar lump. Success! 


I found that giving the wax a second or two to really stick to your skin and pressing it down for a second before pulling it really helped. Once I got it, I could not believe how easy it was. And before I knew it my legs were fuzz free, not to mention my skin had never felt so soft with anything else I’d ever done. 


The next morning I noticed that I’d missed a few spots that I’d need to go over but now that I got over that learning curve, I am never turning back. Shaving my legs would leave me prickly and itchy by the next day, but I sugared my legs about 2 weeks ago and they are still soft and glowing. 


Learning something new can be frustrating but I am so happy I took some time to reset and try it again.  It was so worth the effort that I am already dreaming about all the time and money I am going to save now that I can ditch my razor and sugar confidently. 


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