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5 Reasons Why Hair Removal Is Skincare With Sugar Sugar Wax

5 Reasons Why Hair Removal Is Skincare With Sugar Sugar Wax

Every time your skin hears the words ‘hair removal’ it cringes!


Because until now there has never been a method of hair removal that didn’t leave your skin feeling abused in some way.


But now you can make your skin all over happy with some sugar. 


Choosing to remove or keep your body hair is entirely a personal choice. Despite what you choose, be sure to factor in some skin love.


The Sugar Sugar Wax at-home sugaring system is not only created to help you remove unwanted fuzz but provide the proper TLC to your skin like providing exfoliation or nourishment.


Here are 5 ways that we have made hair removal into a practice of skincare:


1. Exfoliation: Sugaring is not only going to de-fuzz your body but it is an awesome exfoliant. Our Glow Goop is formulated not only to grab on to hair but to pick up your dead skin cells too, leaving you smooth, glowy and fresh skinned.


2. Hydration: When you remove hair and dead skin cells you are leaving fresh pores thirsty for some hydration. Don’t forget to feed your skin with products full of ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamins, just like you do your face. Our Silk Slip is the perfect serum to apply to a freshly sugared body or to be included in your daily body (skin) care routine.


3. Nourishment: After sugaring and applying a serum, you want to lock in those nutrients just like you would your face. Typically the best practice for a skincare routine goes; cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize. The final step being moisturize helps to lock in all the nutrients from the previous products you applied, creating a barrier over your pores to keep the good stuff in and bad stuff out. When the hair gets removed you can feed your fresh pores with all the nutrients they need.


4. Detoxifying: The massaging action of the sugaring wax application stimulates blood flow, especially in lymph drainage areas. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Once you start sugaring your hair will grow back much slower so every so often you can dry brush your skin using the Glow Wand and extend that glow, level up that exfoliation and really stimulate the skin for a whole slew of benefits.


5. Healing: A lot of us have serious skin damage from years of shaving and waxing. You might recognize the damage in forms of uneven texture, strawberry legs, ingrown hairs, and red bumps. Once you start sugaring and exfoliating the skin with long regrowth breaks in between, you’re allowing your skin to regenerate and heal from the years of damage. Within just 3 sugaring cycles the ingrown hairs will disappear and within 6 months all of the visible signs of shaving damage will become a thing of the past. 


Why is it that when we hear the word skincare we only think about the skin on our face? 

Even if you’re not showing off all of your skin, it covers your entire body and is your largest organ. It gets just as much exposure to environmental stresses as your face does, but likely more exposure to damage through shaving and waxing. Therefore requires just as much attention if not more. 

Remember, whether you are removing your hair or not you can still treat your skin well with a routine. Whatever your choice is, don’t neglect the rest of your skin - it will thank you. 

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