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Why I'll Never Go Back To Waxing

Why I'll Never Go Back To Waxing

Waxing sessions were an essential part of my summer body routine, but not one I looked forward to.


Scheduling a waxing appointment and seeing the alerts pop up on my calendar was like a countdown to a torture session. I had to tell myself this is just what I have to do, but there is only so much pain I can put up with.


I avoided waxing at home because of the endless horror stories I’d heard, but once COVID hit I could avoid it no longer. I mustered the courage to try some wax strips for myself and learned the hard way that the horror stories are true, and was forced back to shaving.


A few months ago my friend told me that she tried sugaring, and it really sounded too good to be true. She said she did one sugaring session on her legs and did not see any hair growing back until almost 3 weeks later. There were too many benefits to ignore and I knew I had to try it for myself to see what her hype was about.


If she could do it herself at home, then I could too - she recommended Sugar Sugar Wax so I quickly ordered one of the sugaring kits called The Whole Kit & Kaboodle, which came with everything I needed to sugar myself at home. 


Before I even got into the actual process, sugaring already got points for being waste-free, no strips or extra tools - just the sugaring wax! 


I was already familiar with waxing at home and although the sugaring process is different and little more involved than waxing, I was able to pick up the process really easily after watching the tutorials on their Youtube channel.


It was shocking, no pain! Even after waxing for countless years, every waxing session left me in pain, but my first sugaring session I felt nothing. 


This is when I knew I was solely a sugaring gal now. 


For my girlies that have been thinking about trying out sugaring - here are my reasons why I will NEVER go back to waxing:


1. It is natural! Sugaring wax is made up of natural and organic ingredients not synthetic materials and plastics that you find in wax. Being a fellow steward of mother earth, I try to incorporate sustainable practices in all aspects of my life and now hair removal is another box I can check off.


2.Sugaring is much more gentle than waxing. Waxing often causes redness, inflammation and sometimes bruising due to the process by which the wax pulls the hair. Sugaring wax does NOT grip to your live skin, only to your hair and dead skin cells which equals no pain, and exfoliated and smooth skin.


3. Ingrown hairs! There is truly no full-proof way to avoid ingrown hairs, it is a natural reaction to most hair removal processes. But I can tell you that since I started sugaring I have not seen a single ingrown hair.


I have been pushing sugaring on all my friends, and some who have never waxed, sugared, used an epilator or done something similar felt some discomfort their first time. But most of them said that after their 2nd or 3rd time, the process was practically painless. This is because every time you sugar the hair will grow back slower and thinner. 


Take my advice - save your skin and save yourself some time and money, and don’t put yourself through the trauma of waxing. Try out sugaring at home, I promise you can, and will never go back to waxing.”


At Sugar Sugar Wax, we offer one-on-one consultations for FREE. Consultations are included with your purchase and you’ll get a link in your order confirmation email to schedule yours.

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