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Can You Sugar Your Butt?

Can You Sugar Your Butt?

This is the only booty call you are going to want to answer!


We all have booty hair, maybe some are more noticeable than others. Those who want to embrace their peach fuzz 🍑 all the power to ya, but for those who want it gone for that booty baring photo shoot you’re planning - we’re looking at you Jennifer Lopez! 


What is the best option?


You sit on your butt all the time. Sometimes even most of the day. This makes the skin around your butt considered a “soft spot” and more affected by friction.


This area is more sensitive and can be more reactive to hair removal, causing irritation, ingrown hairs, razor burn, etc. And the thought of getting that area waxed or just dealing with itchy razor burn is enough to keep me in my granny panties. 


The skin on your booty even reacts to wearing tight pants or jeans. The itchy and constricting friction from the fabric chafing your skin is enough to break the hairs and give you a stubble. 


If the irritation from your clothing can cause so much trouble, sometimes leading to buttne (acne on your butt), imagine how much more intrusive an activity like shaving can be on your skin. 


The short answer is; of course you can sugar your butt! You can sugar any body or booty part you want.


Sugaring is a gentle way of removing hair, making it the perfect hair removal option for your most precious parts. 


Let's compare… What happens when you shave your butt?


Razors actually do a lot of microscopic damage to your skin. They can cut you, give you razor burn and the worst of all leave you with ingrown hairs, in a high friction area of your body no less.


With sugaring, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Sugar wax is ideal for the most sensitive areas of your body. It’s especially good for removing hair and fuzz from your buttocks because it’s also exfoliating your skin. And areas that are high friction areas actually require more exfoliation just to keep the skin healthy.


We can’t forget about buttne prevention! 


Buttne is often completely unrelated to hair removal and most dermatologists will recommend exfoliation to help combat buttne. Our Glow Goop gently lifts dead skin and exfoliates, which prevents buttne from forming and keeps that booty glowing.


You may be apprehensive of sugaring your butt because it is an awkward area to reach, but we have a few tips to help you out. 


Get in a squatting position or sit sideways on a chair with one butt cheek hanging off. Be sure to clean the area first and then apply some Detox Dust by sprinkling some into your hand then patting it on the area.


Start at the bottom of your butt cheek and press the sugar wax up towards your hip, pulling three times, as per the Triple Pull Technique to ensure the wax grips to the hair. Then flick the wax off in the direction of hair growth (back down towards your legs).


Like everything, practice makes perfect. But with sugaring it's hard to get it wrong. And most importantly, even if you do it wrong you won’t cause any harm to your skin. Our Bare Body Essentials kit is perfect to help you bare your butt.


Even if you don’t have peach fuzz or hair to sugar, sugar that peach anyway and get the benefits of exfoliation, your booty will thank you.

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